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  • 44 years professional manufacturing precision automobile plastic parts mold, plastic parts processing enterprises


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    Zhejiang Saihao Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Saihao was founded in 1975, located in Huangyan Zhejiang which is famous as"The town of mold in China".

    We insist in development of Automative injection molds from hand-making to technical application of CAE/ CAD/CAM/PDM,even further to MICS mold manufacture system development, and we sight the growth of molds industry of China.

    "Anything for your joys", We make our best effort to be platform beteen customers, staff and solicet based on our innovation. quickly and comprehensive services because of our passion to Automative industry.

    Saihao always go together with you!

    Certificate of honor and patent

    Looking at the present situation, we have worked hard and forged ahead. Through technical innovation and industrial upgrading, "Saihao respectively the affirmation of the well-known enterprises at home and abroad, such as Volkswagen is awarded" excellent mould supplier certification certificate ", "excellent management award", Saihao awarded "injection mold technology progress prize", "suppliers in excellence award, visteon corporation degrees awarded prize for" strategic cooperation ", valeo company awarded the "suppliers in excellence" and so on.

    Saihao is the first to enter the Chinese domestic plastic mould backbone enterprises association member, is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu province, a provincial famous brand enterprises, provincial research and development center, provincial technology center and intelligent mould research institute, is the deputy chairman of the China mold and die industry association unit, mold association executive vice President of units, Zhejiang province, Taizhou mould association unit.

    At present, the company has 8 invention patents, 17 utility model patents and 13 software Copyrights. And won "Zhejiang province science and technology progress award third prize", "Taizhou city science and technology progress award second prize", the company such as "precision grille injection mould", "thick wall guide plate mould", "two-color headlamp injection mould" and other moulds repeatedly won "fine mould award" first prize. The company's mould by customers and industry affirmation and recognition.

    Team + scientific and technological innovation

    Saihao is an educational enterprise. "Creating invisible champions and building a century-old enterprise" is the goal pursued by Saihao people. With originality to the original intention, quality to see the future, Saihao has a cohesive, innovative talent team, and has a group of management team with an average working age of 14 years, they brought cultural precipitation, ability and creativity to the company, through the company's overall strength, for the common goal of persistent progress. Over the years, we have set out to establish a systematic and efficient internal talent training mechanism, people-oriented, efficient, improve the internal talent echelon construction. Whether it is design, research and development or production line, we encourage the implementation of the traditional education mode of "teachers leading apprentices", through the teacher leading apprentices to pass on the good professional ethics and rich experience and technology, let the cause successor. A good environment is the basis for cultivating craftsmen. We encourage employees to summarize practical experience, lean and innovate, and create a dedicated atmosphere of "doing one line, loving one line and drilling one line" in any position. Saihao adheres to the consistent concept of talent training and management, continuously pays attention to the development of employees, strives to develop employees' personal value and enterprise value synchronously, so that every employee can get his/her proper place, exert his/her potential, and realize his/her own value and the win-win situation of the enterprise! We strive to find a balance between demand and resources, and break all kinds of difficulties with the power of team + science and technology, so as to form a new mechanism to effectively stimulate talents.

    Cooperate with famous universities to set up laboratories

    Saihao has cooperated with Zhejiang university and Zhejiang university of technology to set up a joint laboratory, set up an "academician workstation" with Huazhong university of science and technology, and maintained good cooperation in talent training and transportation with local universities in Taizhou. We attract scientific and technological personnel from colleges and universities to take part-time jobs in enterprises for technology development and guide graduates from colleges and universities to find employment in enterprises. At the same time, we should integrate and enrich the way of personnel training, establish a way for enterprises and universities to jointly train technical talents, and pay attention to training a group of compound and innovative senior technical talents who both understand technology and market. The company often carries out salon activities to explore and establish an incentive mechanism to encourage competition and fully mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of employees. Strengthen technical training for managers and encourage all personnel to participate in innovative methods training, continuing education and staff skills training.

    "Anything for your joys", the future Saihao, with the high-end injection mould as the main body, will be deeply rooted in the market, become a hidden champion of many market segments, is committed to promoting the development of the industry, to provide customers with convenient and worry free service, become a brand worthy of the community, customers and employees trust and praise.

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